Scuttlebutt Camp is a gathering of the butts in Brazil, that starts in early June 2020 and, potentially, has no end.

The gathering will be held in Moinho, a small village of approximately 300 residents in the Alto Paraíso municipality of Goiás, Brazil.

Forest with wood sign saying Moinho

Entrance to Scuttlecamp


There are three stages of the camp:

The core of the event will be from the 8th to the 12th, but butts are invited to join in the pre- or post- hangs as fancy suits them.


Please don’t hesitate to contact glyph if you have any queries regarding the event. You can also reach out to Luandro.



On Scuttlebutt

You can join the conversation and excitement in the Scuttleverse by joining the channels #scuttlecamp and “#scuttlecamp”#scuttlecamp2.

dark blue butterfly with a neon blue stripe on each wing.

Guardian of the Forest

More Information

We have more information–code of conduct, travel prep tips, language guides, and more–available in our guide.

You can register for the camp now.